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1. Wash hair and face with shampoo on the night before surgery and on the morning of the surgery.

2. After the above washes, do not use any hair oil, or Make-up.

3. Take prescribed medicines.

4. Any jewellery or metal objects that are in contact with the body could be harmful during surgery. So please do not wear any jewellery or metal objects when you come for surgery (e.g. nose ring, toe rings etc.)

5. DIET: If the surgery is to be done under heavy sedation or GA-nothing by mouth (not even water) for6 hours prior to surgery. If under local anaesthesia nothing by mouth for 4 hours prior to surgery.

6. Do not take ASPIRIN or Aspirin containing compounds or Birth control pills for 2 weeks before surgery.

7. Stop smoking 2 weeks prior to surgery.



1. DIET: Start with Liquid diet and then soft diet for next 4 days.

2. Do not get areas of surgery wet until further instructions.

3. Do not use toothbrush for 1- 2 days after surgery. May clean teeth gently with finger and toothpaste or mouthwash like chlorhexidine.

4. Strenuous exercise such as Gymnastics or aerobics or swimming should be avoided for 8 weeks.

5. Do not wear glasses for 8 weeks.

6. Shampoo and hair colouring procedures may be carried out 2 weeks after surgery.

7. Social activities should be restricted for 2 weeks following the surgery.

8. TRAVEL: Train or bus travel after 15 days. Plane travel after 4 weeks.

9. Keep as upright as possible – sleep with extra pillow at home.

10. Do not bend or stoop forward – squat to pick things up from the floor.

11. Do not blow your nose for 4-6 weeks after surgery. If you have to sneeze try to keep your mouth open or try to cough out.

12. It is important to gently massage your nose twice a day with moister riser after doctor instructs you to do so.. The massage helps to regain the normal feeling of the nose, and assists in simulating the elasticity of the skin, to recon tour over the new framework.

13. Massage your nose as follows :

  • •    Upwards from the tip, right over the nasal bridge.
  • •    Downwards from the tip of your nose, to your lips.
  • •    From the middle of your nose, onto the cheeks either side.
  • •    From the nasal bridge down under the eyes.